Welcome to Westminster

Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church, an inclusive community of loving relationships.

We are a family of faith committed to living out Jesus’ transformative love in our lives and community – to serving as Christ leads us.

Located in Topeka, Kansas at 13th & Boswell, we are 4 blocks north of Washburn University.

ALL are welcome here with love in Christ’s name.


 July 4th College Hill Parade and  Westminster/Boswell Park Hot Dog Extravaganza! !

18815260_483614058642129_1750881565514617894_o Summer Lunch has started. The USD 501 Program runs through July 20th and then we go to our extended program through August 10th. Come eat lunch with us this summer. We provide books and craft activities for kids as well as meals. We welcome everyone and we sure have a good time!  There is a snack table for parents during the 501 portion of the program. On July 23rd our extended summer lunch program begins. We will be serving hot meals 3 days a week and sandwiches the other two days. Come eat with us – during the extended program parents are welcome to eat too.




Worship & Ministries

Centering Prayer 8:00 am 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays

Breakfast in the Parlor 8:30 am every Sunday

Youth Sunday School 9:00 am during the school year

Adult Bible Study (using lectionary) 9:00 am year round

Chapel Chat – as announced – 9:00 am in the Chapel

Sunday Worship 10:25 am; Communion on first Sunday of the month

Fellowship 11:30 am Parlor

Church Community

Church community has lots of meanings. It can mean “those who attend church here” but we like to imagine it more broadly than that. We think of our church community as the neighborhood we live in, the town we are a part of, all who come to events here, all we are able to serve when we go out into the mission field, which starts, as they say, at the church’s front door. 

Christian Education

An important part of life in our church is ongoing learning. In the drop-downs for this heading you can learn about Sunday School opportunities for children and adults. Classes meet at 9:00 on Sunday morning – or if you are an older teen, 9:30 am.

Contact Us

Please contact us using your preferred method:

Office Phone: 785-357-0339

Email: wpctopeka@gmail.com

Mailing address: 1275 SW Boswell Ave., Topeka, KS 66604

Fax: 785-357-1351