World and Community Mission

Westminster has always identified itself as a missional church.  In fact, we may have invented that word. Way back in 1889 when we were first chartered, long before we had a church building, we established missionary societies which met regularly in members’ homes. These groups involved women, men and children in efforts to better lives of others – abroad, in this country and in our city.  There are so many ways to get involved in Mission here!  We feed hungry people at Let’s Help and Doorstep, we feed children during our 10 week (M-F) Summer Lunch Program (501) and through our involvement with the Central Park evening meal program, we help clothe those in need through Doorstep’s annual Christmas Store and we share God’s love through summer Vacation Bible School and much, much more! We are a missional people, dedicated to giving heart and soul to God through action as well as prayer.  We are “Living God’s Love; Come Join Us!”






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