Service – Nurture one another during both happy and challenging times; provide assistance to the congregation as needed.

Leadership – Provide leadership to Westminster by initiating programs and activities.

Outreach – Bring back former members, bring in new members, and reach out to the community through programs, events, and giving.

Fellowship – Foster strong and caring relationships among members as we enjoy spending time together and being part of each others’ lives.

2019 Ship’s Officers

                                             Skippers: Don & Chad Rein Wegener

                                              First Mates: Jenay & Gary Weekly

                                             Log Keepers: Sue Fackler & Charlotte Bates

                                             Pursers: Wilma & Charles Hummert

                                             Look Outs: Becky & Roy Sullivan

                                             Doctor & Nurse: Jenny & Steve Bergstrom

                                             Chaplain: Kathy England

                                             Navigator: Caryl Hines

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