Ahoy Mariners, 

When I think of the word ” mariner,” I picture people on a boat, out on water, looking for something. Maybe it’s land, or fish, or buried treasure. We don’t have to seek too hard to for what we’re looking for: friendship, the opportunity to serve others, wonderful food and fellowship, and caring for one another. There’s no worry about getting lost. Our path is certain. The Westminster Mariners will be active throughout the year, engaged in all of these goals. There is a bit of searching that we need to do, however. We must look for new members to join our group, and we are in need of first mates. Please use your spy glass and look for people to help fill our boats. If you are interested in joining Mariner’s please reach out to any of our members. 

Service – Nurture one another during both happy and challenging times; provide assistance to the congregation as needed.

Leadership – Provide leadership to Westminster by initiating programs and activities.

Outreach – Bring back former members, bring in new members, and reach out to the community through programs, events, and giving.

Fellowship – Foster strong and caring relationships among members as we enjoy spending time together and being part of each others’ lives.

2019 Ship’s Officers

                                             Skippers: Jenay & Gary Weekly

                                              First Mates: 

                                             Log Keepers: Sue Fackler & Charlotte Bates

                                             Pursers: Wilma & Charles Hummert

                                             Look Outs: Becky & Roy Sullivan

                                             Doctor & Nurse: Michele and Tom Gettler

                                             Chaplain: Linda Elrod

                                             Navigator:  Don & Chad Rein Wegener


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