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As we move into summer we have many activities on the horizon. As you consider which ones interest you, we ask that in keeping with of notion of inviting people to join us in living God’s love, you also consider bringing a friend or inviting a stranger to come too.

During June and July we will serve breakfast every Sunday morning at 8:45 am. Come join us for different delectables each week. There is, of course, always coffee!

On July 4th following the Boswell Park Parade we served hot dogs to the crowd. They were pretty yummy. Hope you came to see the parade and had a hot dog with us.

DSC_8770     DSC_0247


In July we are going to begin a round of open houses designed to help us become better acquainted with our new pastor, Jayne Ruiz, and her husband, Alfredo. These will be held at a variety of times, days and places so we can accomdate everyone’s schedule. You can sign up to attend the one – or the ones- you want on a poster outside the sanctuary or you can call the office to inquire about times and places. They are also listed in the most recent issue of The Chimes.






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