June 6, 2019

Dear People of Westminster,

It is with a combination of hope and regret that we, the members of Session, are informing you of yet more change which has come upon us and with it a new challenge. Change is inevitable and the fact that change occurs in our lives is one thing that will never change.

While we often struggle with change, with change comes hope in a variety of forms. For us the current change and struggle lies within our music program, something Westminster has been working through admirably over the last year in particular as we have frequently struggled to find someone to play the organ in worship. There were many Sundays we were lucky to find someone, and at times we had rather short notice of actually securing someone to play. But that is where the hope enters our doors.

After some months of wrestling through conversations over the subject of our music program, as your Session we have come to the rather difficult decision to take the opportunity to build a true music ministry and extend an offer to one Robert Hobgood. Robert is currently attending the University of Kansas while he works on his Doctorate, and he expects to accomplish this within one year.

Robert is an accomplished organist and music conductor in both choir and bell choir with a strong resume as a director. With him, Westminster will combine the organist and music director into one role, and with Robert’s skill and expertise walk forward into hope and begin to build a music ministry. As your Session we feel pairing this with finding the right pastor will allow us to grow and thrive, open new doors, and thus help our community to thrive as well.

This will mean a change for us as we will have to part with Brad Stipcak. Brad has been a blessing for our congregation and we hate to let him go, but with the new direction Westminster will turn towards a change needs to be made. With change comes challenges, but with challenges there is hope, and with hope there is opportunity to grow. We are sad to make this decision and yet understand that we must make the hard, and correct, decisions for Westminster Presbyterian.

While the future is always unclear it is with hope that we walk towards it and shoulder the burden of the challenge to once again work through change. This time we hope to thrive rather than just survive. This time we look forward to once again feel our hearts and spirits soar Sunday mornings through music and worship. Through hope and faith we take this step and ask that each of you walk with us and be a part of any future success. You are one and all invited to speak with any Session member with your concerns, your doubts, and also your hopes as we move in this new and yes, challenging direction.

This Sunday, June 10, at 9 am, elders and Pastor Koch will be in the Chapel to listen, answer questions,  and do what we can to help us move into the future.


~The Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church

Steve Bergstrom

Steve Skrzypek

Matt Boddington

Lue Anderson

Becky Sullivan

Jean Ann Emig

Roy Sullivan