This Week at Westminster

April 3, 2020

From the Pastor

 This past week I have puttered around the house, clothed late into the morning in my oversized bathrobe, muttering, “I’ve never thought I’d see the day….”

I’m reverting into my Grandpa’s and Grandma’s!  I can still hear John or Selma, Jim or Dorothy muttering the same words.  Recalling their mutterings and words, I also recalled a bit of the history of their lives; what they experienced, what they saw, and what they said.

I bring this to your attention for three reasons.  We look backward to look forward, history is a great teacher.  Looking back we can appreciate not only the on going story of humankind, the good and the bad, but we can learn from history and as others have muttered, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Looking back, we can apply these lessons as we seek to make sense of each day.  And, we can chart a course into the future, using the timeless gifts of faith, hope and love.

Looking back to look forward it of great value as we close out this week and enter Holy Week.  We begin this exercise on Palm Sunday, travel thought the days of Jesus, following him to the Upper Room, his arrest, conviction, Good Friday and his crucifixion, Holy Saturday and the tomb, to Easter Morn, empty tomb, Resurrection of the Christ.

In our days shrouded by a worldwide pandemic, following wise advice of “secure in place, stay at home, safe distancing”, take time to reflect upon your ancestors, your past, your life.  Write down your stories, tell them to your children and your children’s children, let us share what we have learned about our words and deeds as human beings.  Then, retelling the story God, Word Made Flesh, Jesus the Crucified and Risen Christ, let us tell, and be formed, shaped and learn from God’s story, by making it a soul part of the human story, and our stories as well, using as those who have gone before us, the gifts of faith, hope and love.

On the 8’s and Flowers Too!

Hope you are following the lead of the Charlie and Charlotte Bates and setting your alarm to pray on the 8’s for all impacted by the pandemic.  Below is another good thought from Rene Skyzpek.

I have a suggestion of something we can do in our newly found “free time” (if like me you are on a shortened schedule or working from home.). I am going to get a couple of bouquets from Dillons and break them up in smaller bunches, make some small paper cones with ribbon or string handles and add the flowers then drop them on the doors of some of our Westminster folks.  If you want to do the same the contact me and we can come up with a list of who to distribute to and split up the names.  We can always add a note to the flowers “Something to bring a smile to your day” Or something like that.

 On Line Worship and Staying in Touch

 Beginning this Sunday, we will post on our church web site and Facebook Page, a YouTube link to a recorded video of Sunday Morning Worship.  Access these services on the Sunday’s we are unable to gather.

We encourage you to make it a daily habit, to check onto he church web site and Facebook Page, not just for a bit of information, but during this time of separation, we plan on using and improving web communication to enhance and share our church life.   The church web site is,  Search for us on web and Facebook by typing in the search using, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Topeka, KS.

Joys and Concerns

 Keep in your prayers Elders and Deacons, and the Pastor Search Committee

as they continue to offer care, discernment and leadership

All those isolated or in care facilities and hospitals, and health care providers.