Adult Sunday Class

Westminster is pleased to offer an adult Sunday school class starting at 9:00 AM on Sunday

• The Parlor Class (except we meet in the library) uses the Serendipity Study Bible to follow Bible Lectionary  readings week by week  Everyone is welcome and the class loves welcoming new members. Our shared lessons and discussions have created an amazing bond among class members. Discussion is lively and the variety of opinions and interpretations people bring to the group keeps the class exciting.

Intermittently during the year, Chapel Chat meets – in the chapel – really! This class gathers whenever someone – anyone – has a topic he/she wants to explore and is willing to develop a format for doing so. In October we had a four-week series on local election issues and in December another four-week series for Advent. This spring there will be a Lenten class and who knows what else? Do you have an idea? Would you like to share it? That may be the new thing happening next!

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